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"Due to my past experience (as an Oregon DMV field investigator), I never thought I would meet an auto dealer that I would trust. After meeting and buying a beautiful '51 Chev Bel Air hardtop from Randy @ Bad Boy Auto, I found I enjoyed meeting him and dealing with him. I have been in  his office many times and each time I have met a person that has dealt with him, all of them seem to be good friends with him now. What more can you ask of him?   I would gladly recommend any of my friends to him."


Lyle Wescott


"Randy:  I want to thank you for the successful transaction of my recentconsignment.  Your expertise and professionalism, were the key ingredientsto the selling of my vehicle.  It was promoted well on your website and byyou personally.  You run a very fine business.  When the time comes for meto sell another one of my dream cars, I would not hesitate to use your
services again.
Thanks again

Steve Caplan

"I feel really good about how the sale went.  You made me very comfortable about my decision to sell.  Your dealership was a place I think my Dad would have enjoyed visiting and talking to other guys like himself that loved old cars."




Thanks so much for your hospitality and cordiality yesterday morning.  We really enjoyed our visit to Bad Boy Auto and were most favorably impressed with the owner and "lot boy".

I can see why people like doing business with you and if the right occasion presents itself, will head your way again.


Sorry that your red Model A didn't quite meet my friend Jim's needs but you know how that goes.  It's an attractive little package and should move soon.


Good luck with your business and thanks again.


Dick Clark


"Randy,  I would like to thank you for your openness and honesty.  It is rare today to find a "Dealer"  who is totally honest and forthcoming.  Your over the phone description of the car was accurate to detail.  I could tell by your demeanor over the phone that you weren't the typical "Car Salesman".  I trusted you so much that I had the guts to drive that car over 800 miles to my home without stopping except for fuel.  It took me 14 and 1/2 hours.  That car ran so perfectly, it never even hiccupped once.  Once again thank you for a truly rewarding experience.  I LOVE MY CAR."

Hal Caughell                                             

"I appreciate your honesty in your business dealings, and making this transaction effortless.Any time you need a referance, please feel free to contact me. 

Again it's nice to do business with someone you can trust, and your genuineness and willingness to go the extra mile helped me in being able to go back in time and drive a part of history. Each and every time I get into the vehicle it is truly a pleasure.   

Take Care"

Peter A. Mark

"I wanted to thank you again for the outstanding customer service I received on the Harley purchase.  I have been out riding several times in the last week and she runs like a dream.  I would purchase another bike or car from you in a heart beat.  Your honest nature put me at ease in my first motorcycle purchase.  The experience was like buying a motorcycle from my dad.  In other words I knew I wasn't going to get ripped off.  

It has been a pleasure."

Stephanie Cameron 

"I enjoyed my buying experience with Bad Boy Auto. I found it to be pleasant and with no stress. It was the same as buying an auto from a very good friend. 

Thank you, Marcia and I love the corvette."

Jim Patterson

"I have tried selling on consignment in the past without much luck or satisfaction. Within minutes of setting foot on the lot at Bad Boy Auto I knew it was different. Because of Randy's understanding of service combined with his love and knowledge of cars I knew it was the perfect fit. I've recently sold 2 vehicles, both in less than 30 days, and if buying or selling there's only ONE place I will go..

Thanks Randy!"

Karl Madewell 

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